Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Dog Days Are Over...

Well not really, because it is hotter than the blazes of HELL here this week, but School has started! Today was day one of first grade for our oldest boy, Jake. Wow how time flies. It was like we never stopped....the routine was the same...the chaos for me was the same...the fact that I waited til the last minute for all of his clothes, supplies and even his meal ticket...you guessed it..the same..WOW am I the epitomy of the unorganized mom. But as with so many things...we got there, we bought it (all $100 of it by the way!) and day one was a success, at least according to him. And it was equally successful for Sy who now has Grammie ALL TO HIMSELF!!! It doesn't get any better. So here is what Day 1 looks like at the Schlattmann house! And it wouldn't be the same if Gus (aka Rat Dog) wasn't in the picture. I would like to report that every day is a great day for our family, but reality is that some days are better than others. Somedays Jake and Sy and great friends, some days more like great enemies. Somedays Jake is excited to see Sy, today..not so much. Somedays we roll through the day thinking..wow all is well with our transition to two kiddos and somedays...well somedays... Sy has learned so much English though... he is amazing. To think that we have been home with him for only 4 months and that he has a near normal vocabulary, has good gross and fine motor skills and has mastered the art of whining...who would have THUNK it! (I think THUNK should be a word).

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