Thursday, March 31, 2011

We have arrived!

We are back in Krasnoyarsk. We have an apartment this time and it is very nice. We have a wonderful view of the river and the weather is much warmer this time around. We get to go to see Sy today and we are both very excited. I will try to give you a brief update again this afternoon after we get back from Achinsk.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nearly There!

All the paperwork has arrived. Clothes for Sy and the orphanage have been packed. I am now working on trying to fit a lot of clothes in what seems like very tiny suitcases. We leave in a few days. Oh and by the way, passed my final course for my master's program! Yippee!

As the day to leave approaches I am filled with lots of excitement and lots of nerves. I do not want to leave Jake for 3 weeks. I do not want to leave my home, family and friends for three weeks, but I am SOOOO excited that we will be bringing Sy home and beginning a new chapter in our lives. It is hard to even believe it is happening.

We have been blessed with so many wonderful friends that have helped us out along this journey. From prayers, to advice, to watching our son, to looking over our place we just can not be grateful enough. Thank you everyone!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Update

Our flights are booked. Our apartment is ready. Paperwork is in process, hoping to receive Visa's next week. We have bought some clothes to take for Sy and for the orphanage. A friend of mine has collected a large supply of knitted hats and such and we will be taking that. Thank you Gretchen and all those who donated. What a wonderful place we live in!

The best news I can give to you is that Dean's mom, Cindy has graciously decided to come to Russia after Dean returns. I can't even tell you how wonderful that is. She is amazing and we are so lucky to have someone so adventurous and giving in our lives. She will be there when I get to pick Sy up and with me on the whole journey home. It means so much to me. Wow, is all I can say to that.

Today I bought Sy shoes based on the outline we made of his foot while we were there. I hope they fit! If not, we will go to Plan B, whatever that might be!

Another stroke of good luck is that my professor was gracious enough to have my Masters defense moved up a week so I will be completing that March 24th. What a relief and a stress. It too will be worth it. So God has really been looking after me lately.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Court Date

Our court date has been set. It is April 5th. We are so excited. We will leave at the end of March. It of course falls directly in the middle of my Master's Capstone defense, but hey I am working that out and the school has graciously been willing to make alternative arrangements for me. So I will be completely done with the program before I leave! A relief but things are going to get hairy for the next three weeks that is for sure! Jake is already discussing what Sy will and will not get to play with until he is a certain age. He is going to be an amazing big brother! So, God has answered our prayers and I couldn't be more grateful. This will be a long trip for me for sure, not returning until Easter weekend, but Dean has graciously offered to return sooner to be with Jake. So, the race is on. Visa applications are being sent tomorrow once we get new passport photos. A birth certificate request for Jake is being sent tomorrow. That is apparently a new requirement of court. Hope to have tickets purchased by Friday. Will have to have a photo album created from our first trip. We have to have blood work done to take with us for the 8 doctor medical exam! Yes that is right folks, 8 separate doctors will be "examining" us while in Krasnoyarsk. Let the adventures begin!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paperwork Update

Well, today the agency said that our paperwork would be in Krasnoyarsk tomorrow. That is a big relief. We have been told that we would have our paperwork submitted on Wednesday, March 9th. Wednesday's are the only day to register for court, so we will cross our fingers that everything is in order.