Sunday, October 16, 2011

As if he was always here....

I am so lucky in so many ways and that is no more evident when I travelled to see my sister and her family.  Everyone embraces Sy and as I was reflecting I just thought to myself, it is like he has always been a part of our family.  He interacts just as Jake did at that age and it is so great to see that.  I wish I could capture his facial expressions because they are just something.  Kate, my sister, would agree.  He tilts his head and raises his eyebrow just right and it is all you can keep to do from laughing despite the fact that he is likely not doing what he is told at the very moment.  ....On a separate, unrelated, and likely unwanted info note, I just have to say this, because perhaps it takes having a couple children to know this, but it amazes me that bowel movements can be the overriding factor between a happy kid and a miserable kid.  My children, Sy particularly, is a candidate for research if there is anyone out there that would like to study the correlation between these two things! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Return of Grammie

Well, we are so thankful that Grammie returned safely from Scotland. Sounds like she had a blast and boy was she MISSED on this end. She is a local favorite for both Jake and Sy so it was a real blessing to have her home. They missed her terribly. I have been struggling with darn allergies more than ever this season and so I opted for alle
rgy relief only to find out that the relief was worse than the allergies. I have been a zombie for days until I realized that Zyrtec is not the answer! Each year they get worse, and as much as I like Fall, this is not fun. ...................................................................................................................Jake is in swimming in school and doing great. He went from being last dressed last year to front of the pack this year! Huge success....made possible by a little cowboy conceding to wearing No Belt, No buttom up shirts and no Hat to school. The hat is the funny part, he actually wears it to school, but does not take it on the bus to the pool, he was quoted as saying "it is just one more thing to slow me down!". I may have provided a bit of an incentive when I mentioned that if he could not pick up the pace he may be watching swimming instead of participating. I know...again...Mother of the Year! But if you knew what every morning was like, you might go for this as well. .......................Sy has really made some major progress lately. We measured him compared to his entry to our life and he has seen about a three inch growth and three pound gain. I definitley noticed the 3 lbs! Especially because he still wants to be carried alot, which is defined as kakaseemee (aka Mom pick me up). That is not Russian by the way...just a variation of Come See Me, I think. He is so much happier these days...I attribute it to success in potty training. Not that we have really been so good at it, but a little boy that is a happy little boy, if you know what I mean!....................We had our first post placement report....they seemed surprised at his clarity of speech and his relatively calm demeanor. I was surprised by that too by the way! hee hee