Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well again my apologies for the less than stellar job posting to this blog...Our theme this year in volleyball is no excuses, no explanations, just do it! So...I guess I should not be giving any excuses...I am in the JUST DO IT stage! So we have not been home for 5, that is hard to believe. Life in Sy's world is pretty ok I think. He and Jake seem to be getting along good (and getting along bad). So I think that is good. We are down to very little Russian language, in fact, the only word that is uses frequently is Die (that means give, at least right now!) Anyway, we are blessed at how well things have gone and the best news to date is that we were able to make contact with Sy's biological siblings here in the US. We hope to eventually be able to meet them and get to know them a bit better. But very exciting to see a glimpse of what Sy may look like 10 years from now. Now if we can just find a home for his two siblings still in an orphanage in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Today I celebrated my birthday by running a marathon and then best of all having my boys there to meet me at the finish line. Sy got stung by a bee...bad news, it swelled up...good news, he isn't allergic to them! Jake is busy as a first grader but each morning starts with a game of "Jake con get me" followed by 10 to 15 laps around our home, each time stopping in the bathroom to drive their mother crazy. I do get the biggest smiles when I see this interaction and know that they have developed a pretty good brotherhood. Next week we begin our first Post Placement report. Wow time flies.

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