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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Growing growing growing...

Today I measured Sy, and since he has come home, he has grown nearly 6 inches!  It is crazy.  He has also gained about 5 pounds.  Sy has changed in so many ways, but one thing that hasn't changed, he is a very PICKY eater.  His food selection continues to be:  yogurt, peanut butter and jelly or chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, crackers, chocolate candy, toast, an occasional french fry and chocolate shakes.  Perhaps you are seeing a theme here!  We struggle as a family to figure out how to address this as we continue to see the importance of getting him to eat so that he can grow, but struggle as we are looking for him to assimilate more to how our family eats....time at the supper table is not that much fun, to say the least.  We have found that both boys are much better behaved when they are one on one with us and much more honery when they are competing for our attention.  I, as some of you may know, am not very patient, so the constant whining, bickering and fighting is taking its toll on me, and hence transferring to them.  Any advice here would be great!  As far as growing goes though, Sy and Jake are growing so much it is hard to believe.  Jake is finishing up first grade and he has made enormous gains in both reading and math this year.  We are blessed to great teachers who really want all the kids to grow, grow, grow!  I have decided to take the boys to California this summer.  We will see family, go to Disneyland and see the beach.  Should be fun.  You might all think I am nuts as I am going solo, however, I have enlisted the help of my dad and aunt who will be there, so I might live through it!  I will leave you with this picture which testifies to how big my boys are getting!