Thursday, March 1, 2012

It has been a YEAR, really?

Well actually it has now been over a year since we first met Sy.  It was mid February when we were there initially.  And then of course we traveled back at the end of March.  So it is awfully crazy that it has gone so fast.  And what a little guy he is.  We still have most of the same food issues with him and I remember saying to Dean that we would start addressing some of those once he has been home for a year.  Yikes....that day is about here.  I am not looking forward to food battles for sure.  Amazing what happens in a years time.  Our little Russian speaks near perfect English.  We ask him from time to time if he remembers things from Russia.  I don't know if he really does. He answers however he thinks sounds best for the question.  Although he spoke decent Russian when he left, he speaks no Russian now.  I would have loved to have him retain some of this but couldn't see how we could since there are so few in our area that speak the language.  He goes to preschool now and likes to tell me about his "friends".  He shadows Jake and annoys him, just like a good younger brother would do, but I know that Jake loves him.  When we are not with them, but watch from the window, he is caring and understanding to Sy.  Jake is an amazing older brother.  We are blessed with such a great life and two wonderful little boys.  God has done amazing things!  Below is a picture of his one year home party with all of his cousi s, then a picture from when he first arrived, and finaly a picture of him now.  Our life will never be the same!

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  1. I know!! It's hard to believe it's been a year isn't it??? So glad to see Sy doing so well!!